Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E.

This book tells you about my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and teaches how you can regain your health. It gives you the instructions how you can heal CFS/M.E. or Fibromyalgia by yourself without any medication and with no costs for medicine. The process described in this book does not involve pacing (or being afraid to do “too much”), taking food supplements or vitamins, fasting, removing your mercury fillings or taking pills that relieve symptoms. You have probably tried most of the conventional methods and found that they simply do not work because after a while you realized that you still felt tired. It may sound too good to be true, but believe me, getting your life back is free! Good health is our birthright and we can have it without paying for it. You do not need to spend any money on medication, therapies or treatments to get well. Our bodies already know how to be healthy, or more precisely, we are healthy by our nature. Of course, if there is a serious problem that needs surgical intervention, that is a different matter. But in the case of CFS/M.E. and Fibromyalgia, the causes are within us and the cure is within us. Which is not to say that “CFS is in your head.” It is very real!

CFS (CFS is a term used worldwide, but M.E. is used in preference to or in conjunction with CFS in Canada and the UK) is a condition that has its causes and therefore, by removing the cause, it is possible to remove the effects: chronic mental and physical exhaustion, brain-fog, pain in muscles, a general feeling of powerlessness, light and noise intolerance, etc. This book is about a long journey I made from suffering severe symptoms of CFS/M.E. to becoming completely symptom-free, and how you can make the same journey. You will learn how to use mind-body healing techniques to get to the core of the problem and heal it. The knowledge presented in this book is partly based on Reverse Therapy™ (in some places further in the text abbreviated as RT) and my own experience of recovery that was possible thanks to the theory behind Reverse Therapy. My knowledge of Reverse Therapy is mainly based on Dr. John Eaton`s book “M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia – The Reverse Therapy Approach.” I would not have been able to heal myself if it were not for this book. I have never attended any sessions of Reverse Therapy, nor have I been trained as a Reverse Therapist, so this book cannot be taken as a guidebook of Reverse Therapy™. However, I managed to heal myself, and therefore proved that recovery is possible even without attending the sessions. The theory behind Reverse Therapy forms the basis of my approach to healing CFS/M.E. but it was not only Reverse Therapy that healed me. I also used two energy healing methods: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique). EFT and TAT are very powerful and effective and can be used to deal with a variety of problems. If these techniques (properly applied) do not help you in overcoming CFS/M.E. or Fibromyalgia, I will be very surprised.

Let me tell you my story first so that you know where I am coming from. I suffered from CFS for about 15 years, since the age of 14. I had all the usual symptoms: extreme exhaustion, brain-fog, inability to concentrate, difficulties with short-term memory, irritability, noise intolerance, low moods, diarrhoea, puffy eyes, recurring viruses and infections… The most severe of these symptoms were fatigue and brain-fog because these hindered my functioning the most. Sometimes the symptoms were worse than at other times, but I rarely felt good. There were periods when I slept for 15 hours a day, but still felt exhausted. No amount of good sleep could make me feel good. And I had no idea what was going on with me! The fatigue and brain-fog would only cease for a couple of hours in the evenings, but most of the time I felt a lot worse than normal. Brain-fog assaulted me in the most unexpected situations, but especially, as I later discovered by making notes, symptoms increased while reading, working on computer, talking to people, and shopping. Symptoms made these activities impossible or totally inefficient, but I still had to cope with my life as other people did because I was not officially “sick.” Although I was suffering from debilitating symptoms, I did not know the diagnosis and did not even know CFS/M.E. existed. The doctors I visited did not have a clue what was wrong with me and suggested that everything was fine and gave me the usual sermon: “Get more sleep, exercise more, work less and avoid cigarettes and alcohol.” But all of these bits of good advice did not improve my condition, so I started to look for other ways to make myself feel better. I visited intuitive healers, took ginseng pills and herbal mixtures, did a lot of fasting, and tried a few other alternative methods, but none of them had a lasting effect. Having tried all the methods available to me at the time, I was still at a loss as to what was wrong with me and what I should do. But there was nothing I could do, so I led a seemingly happy and successful life while suffering with severe debilitating symptoms and being hardly able to work and study. Not knowing what was wrong with me and not telling other people what I felt forced me into a kind of double-standard mode: I had to pretend that everything was alright while I was actually very far from being “alright.” I still managed to finish school, go traveling and graduate from university, but it took an enormous effort to accomplish these things and I`m sure I would have done better had I not been affected by CFS. I wanted to live a normal life, so I did my best. Knowing my diagnosis would have made it a little easier to bear, for then at least I would have had an excuse for not being able to live a full life. From the outside I was well and happy while working, studying, going out, drinking with friends and doing other things, but inside I felt like a zombie. I told my closest friends and family members what was actually going on, but no one could truly understand or help.

If you are a sufferer, the above definitely sounds familiar to you and I hope that the following will give you all the information and encouragement you need to get well.

In the beginning of 2005, after suffering for about 13 years from this condition that no one seemed able to diagnose (let alone cure), I came across a list of symptoms of CFS/M.E. on the Internet. I immediately knew that CFS/M.E. was the diagnosis I had been looking for! Some more research on the net revealed that it was an “incurable disease.” But I still kept on searching for ways to get well. I just could not believe that there is no way out. I used the basic logic that if there is a problem, there must be a solution. It didn`t take long until I came across a website on Reverse Therapy. I somehow immediately (intuitively) knew it was the answer to my prayers, the only way I could get my life back. I didn`t know then that it would take a long time of persistent effort to get well, but nevertheless was ready to do anything it takes. First, I read an ex-patient`s account on his recovery and ordered a book. I got some insight from these materials, but they were not sufficient for recovery. After a few months I bought plane tickets to Scotland to attend sessions with a professional RT therapist. I had no friends, no accommodation and no job in Scotland, and not much money either, but I desperately wanted to get well. When the day that I was supposed to board the plane came, I was having a bath at my friend`s place. It felt so good to be in the hot bath, and I felt less and less enthusiastic about an adventurous journey to a far-away land. When I thought of cold weather, working at a restaurant or a building site to pay for the therapy and daily costs, I decided not to fly to Scotland and stay home (in Estonia) instead. It meant that I had to do the therapy by myself if I still wanted to get well. And I wanted only that! The book you are reading is one of the results of the decision I made on that morning in May 2005.

As Reverse Therapy is meant to be done with the help of a therapist, I partly had to invent my own methods. The ex-patient`s website and other materials did not give me enough specific information about the process and it was all quite vague. I understood the basic idea of the therapy – my body is sending me messages that I have to receive and act upon in order to regain my health.  I had no clue what “the message” should be like, and was trying to figure that out for months to come… I did not make any progress for the first 2-3 months. But I had hope.

It was not until I read John Eaton`s book “M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia – The Reverse Therapy Approach” that I really started to make progress. Since I didn`t attend any sessions, I had to rely solely on my own understanding of the therapy, which was mainly based on Dr. Eaton`s book. Reading the book over and over, and relying on my intuition, I started to make progress. It was at the end of 2005 that I felt that I had come to the crux of the problem. I finally understood that my bodymind was trying to tell me that I was low in self-confidence and was not living my life the way I wanted to. In retrospect it has become clear that this lack of self-confidence and everything it involved had in its core extremely fearful feelings and beliefs about life and the world around me. It was these feelings and beliefs that needed to be healed and replaced by healthier ones for full recovery to happen. The healing journey meant a lot of inner work – I had to delve into the areas of my mind and life that I didn’t feel comfortable about; I had to see things I didn’t want to see and had been ignoring, and I had to radically change how I relate to myself, other people and life in general. Healing meant a complete turnaround for me – from being stuck in emotional suffering to feeling good and being happy. The healing force that drove me through the process of recovery continues up to this day to heal the emotions and the body, bringing more peace, joy and happiness into the experience of life. The same force is available to you if you choose it.

Like the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates once wrote:


The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”

The news cannot be any better – there is a healing force that is way more powerful than anything we can accomplish by effort, and it’s free and always available! This is valuable knowledge that helps you to get well if you keep it in your mind and heart. The well-known example of placebo effect confirms this as well. We have the ability to heal ourselves naturally, without any outside force and by belief alone. The healing force inside of you is waiting to be tapped into – you just have to be ready for healing and transformation.


But what, then, is stopping you from recovery? This is the question to ask and one of the main things this book addresses. When I was rewriting the manuscript, I tried to sum up the process of recovery in one simple sentence and came up with the following: removing all obstacles to feeling good.  It is not to be taken superficially, e.g. “Positive thinking and changing my attitude will make me feel better.” Those things have their role in healing, but it is necessary to go deeper than that. Healing means transformation not only on the mental level but also (and mainly) on emotional and energetic levels. If something happened to you – a physical assault, emotionally difficult relationship or something else that affected you strongly, it did not only affect your thinking mind, but the whole bodymind organism, including emotions. And that is where the issues are stored – in your body and energy system. The events of our life and the emotions they brought about are often very deep-seated and need more than just positive thinking or small changes in behavior to be cleared. Luckily, there are techniques that help us deal with even the most persistent and deep-seated problems relatively easily and painlessly. Once the emotional/energetic imbalances are corrected, healing happens naturally. Or to put it another way: healing means correcting the emotional/energetic imbalances and dealing with negative emotions and attitudes. Also, there may be unconscious beliefs like “I cannot get well” or even “I don’t want to get well.” These have to be dealt with, too. There may be many obstacles to healing, but there is nothing that cannot be overcome. If you make up your mind and really decide to restore your health, healing will come about.


You might ask how does emotional healing cure a condition like CFS/M.E. which is physical, not psychological? The answer is simple: mind and body are one. In other words they are one whole (the term “holistic” refers to this). If you affect one aspect of the whole, the other one will change as well. The idea of mind-body medicine is based on the fact that our energies, thoughts, emotions and beliefs are connected and have a direct physiological effect on our bodies. The Chinese have known it from ancient times and there has never been a mind/body dichotomy in Chinese medicine. It’s all connected. Psychology, physiology, biology and biography are all one integrated realm. Mind-body medicine is an art of healing that views human beings as naturally healthy. It’s just the obstacles to being healthy (our natural condition) that have to be removed. The important thing to understand is that psychological and emotional work has a lot of impact on how we feel on the physical level. In fact, what we call “physical level” is a manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions – the things that go on in our minds reflected in our everyday experience, including our physical wellbeing.


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


–       The Buddha


Working on the emotional issues from our past (biography) changes our thoughts and emotions (psychology) so that there is no more stuckness (“energetic disruption” or “energy blocks”) around the events and consequently no physical discomfort (resulting from these events) in our bodies. Or we can reverse it by saying: working on the physical issues in our body we get in touch with our biography, and by healing it and making peace with it we let the healing happen. Hopefully you will have a first-hand experience of it very soon.


The most important thing to do is to gain contact with the body and the senses. The question to ask is “How do I feel?” If you suffer from CFS/M.E. or Fibromyalgia, your answer to this is likely to be “Terrible!” Well, that’s a start. Most people try hard to avoid feeling what they are feeling because it is too painful, too uncomfortable and sometimes utterly unbearable. I used to be totally cut off from my feelings and sensations because I could not tolerate the pain. It was only when I learned about Reverse Therapy that I started to pay attention to what was happening in me. No one had ever told me that it’s necessary, and I was so very frightened of my feelings, emotions and symptoms that feeling them seemed like the last thing to do. It took a few months before I could go into the symptoms and sensations and REALLY FEEL THEM. But once I did, healing started to take effect. Immediately after feeling the problems in my body, the strongest symptoms subsided. I experienced some milder symptoms after that, but nothing like before. But full healing took a long time because I was like a traveler without a proper map and compass. Now that I have made the journey, I am providing you with a map so that you may reach the destination sooner. The destination I was moving towards can be summed up in a definition of health: being full of energy, having no symptoms, being able to do what I want, and feeling good about life and myself.


I would not have been able to heal my emotional problems and symptoms so easily if it wasn’t for EFT and TAT. I used EFT to eliminate some strong emotions underlying the symptoms and many unresolved situations from the past. I dealt with fears connected to my childhood, things that happened in the past that I was not happy about, some long-standing negative emotions, etc. Later I also started to use TAT and would strongly recommend it as a complementary technique. TAT is even better to use for CFS/M.E. or Fibromyalgia because, unlike EFT, you don’t necessarily have to know what the problem is about or where it originates (I had great difficulty with understanding what the problems were about).  With TAT and EFT successfully dealt with the remaining symptoms that persisted despite everything I had done before to eliminate them. The techniques facilitated the process of becoming a new person and living my life in a completely different way, or in other words, becoming healthy again. I cannot emphasize enough how effective these methods are and encourage you to learn them as soon as you feel ready. These techniques help you to tap into your inherent power and healing force and make you realize how powerful you really are. Also, they help you to eliminate whatever obstacles there might be in the way of healing.


It took me about four years until I could say I am well. But I still continued to experience some residue symptoms like mild brain-fog and the occasional sleepiness. After an additional six months of healing and clearing negative energies – traumas, attitudes, fears and worries, I have finally come to a place where I have no more symptoms of CFS/M.E. It´s been a long journey, but I have learned a lot. I have been symptom-free for months and can´t even remember when was the last time I had them. I assume my CFS is gone for good.


This is not to say that your recovery will take the same amount of time. It can take much less. The duration of your recovery cannot be predicted because it depends on many things, like how fast and how well you are able to go into the core of the problem. It took me quite long because I did not have a book that would teach me how to do it by myself and because I didn`t attend any sessions(being able to talk it out, or write it out is sometimes very helpful for uncovering what one is actually feeling). Also, I didn’t know about EFT and TAT back in 2005. Another problem was that I was a person for whom it was extremely difficult to “go into the body.” I used to live in my head all the time! I also have to admit that I couldn`t really believe that the truth about CFS/M.E. could be so simple. I couldn`t believe that all that was needed was my willingness to see what was happening in my body and dealing with the underlying emotions or doing something to affirm that I have “listened” to my bodily intelligence so that it can stop producing symptoms. It was hard to believe even when I dealt with the last remaining symptoms! But the healing worked anyway and so I was compelled to start believing in this concept.


Recovery requires one to evolve as a person and possibly become someone one could never even think or dream of becoming. In fact, recovery requires us to do what many of our parents and grandparents didn`t do – live in accordance with our true selves. CFS/M.E. is really a challenge to our old beliefs and habits, and provides an opportunity for a better way of life – being more mindful, connected to ourselves, to other people and the nature. I have come to see CFS/M.E. as a wake-up call and a spiritual emergency. It`s a rough and tough experience, but a very good teacher! CFS/M.E. is a possibility to transcend the lower levels of consciousness and evolve on the spiritual path – the path towards Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment.

Healing CFS/M.E. has been one of the major challenges in my life so far and I feel I have to share my experience and knowledge with others who are going through the same suffering. I would not be the person I am now if I hadn`t had to deal with CFS. I feel more compassionate, more loving and more happy. CFS/M.E. has taught me many important lessons. I am grateful for my recovery and the experience as a whole and hope that my book will be of help to you. I hope that by reading it you can avoid the many possible pitfalls on the way, but the success of your recovery still depends on yourself. I wish you good luck and most of all a lot of perseverance and goodwill on your path to recovery! May you get well soon!


“…when I am able to shift my focus from trying to change or heal the symptoms, to listening to what is going on inside without judgment or an attachment to a particular outcome (this is easier said than done!), I have come into contact with parts of myself that were using these symptoms to get my attention about core issues that need resolving.  Sometimes listening and acknowledging fears and concerns of my inner “parts” was enough to dissolve symptoms on the spot.  However, the patterns involve some additional work like working on core beliefs and doing practical things like gaining experience in something where I lacked confidence, or changing behavior in a relationship. When I have tried to go directly to working on a suspected belief without the inner listening, I found that for me at least, it didn’t clear completely.  Something might change, but more stuff would surface.  I think it’s different for everyone.  It’s possible that some of us for whatever reason, have more of a tendency to express things in a bodily or symptom-like way.”


-Lisa Saubolle, Certified TAT Trainer (

Each chapter deals with a significant aspect of the process, but the core idea comes up over and over throughout the book. Since you really need to adopt the ideas and start living by them if you want to get well, I have reiterated the basic concept quite a lot. Yes, this book is meant to change your mind. And as far as I`m concerned, there is simply no other way – you have to make corrections in your way of thinking, feeling and acting for healing to take effect.


To get the most out of the following pages and accelerate the process of recovery, please remember to: 


1. Be creative in this process. After all, it is your body, your mind, your emotions and your symptoms, and you know yourself best. If something does not work the way I have described it, you can try to invent something that will work for you.


2. Be resolute and persevere. You MUST be absolutely resolved to get well, otherwise you are not likely to make any progress. Even if after months of hard work there seems to be no progress, persevere. After all, this could be your only chance! You have nothing to lose. You never know when the penny drops… Also, there is often (unconscious) resistance to healing that needs to be addressed before focusing on healing can happen. Examine your beliefs (especially about CFS/M.E. and health) and see if there is any resistance. For example, I used to be afraid that I would never get well again, or even that I do not deserve to be well, that it`s impossible to cure this illness and so on. All of these thoughts can be quite large barriers that stop you from getting well. If you detect any resistance to recovery in yourself, I suggest you start from there and remove the resistance using energy healing techniques. Two healing modalities in particular – TAT and EFT – are very good for this. Please read the chapter “Applying EFT and TAT to healing CFS/M.E.” to get started with eliminating your resistance. When you have dealt with all your resistance to healing – conscious and unconscious, you are well on your way of regaining full health.


3. Be open. You must be open to change and willing to evolve as a person. You might need to make some significant changes in your attitudes and lifestyle. Your body is crying for changes – listen to its advice! Being open also means being open to the possibility of healing. Strong belief in the effectiveness of mind-body medicine coupled with the willingness to change your mind is the necessary prerequisite for recovery.


4. Follow a healthy lifestyle. Although the therapy and techniques presented in this book will work even if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, taking care of your body and mind will get you in the right mode for recovery. Also, leading a healthy lifestyle makes sure that your symptoms are really CFS symptoms and are not due to some external influence, e.g. going to bed too late and sleeping too little. Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods and exercise if you can. This will enable you to make the distinction between symptoms of CFS and the effects of unhealthy living. It will be necessary to distinguish between the two when you have made some progress.


5. Meditate regularly because it will greatly facilitate the process of regaining your health. Meditation will be explained in a nutshell in the chapter “Making contact with your body,” but if you haven`t meditated before, I suggest you also read other materials on meditation – there are many books and websites on meditation available.


6. Ask for help. You may e-mail me with questions and concerns. If you don’t want to contact me or anyone else, I recommend a prayer. Prayer is very effective if it comes from the heart. You might be surprised how well it works! The key is to be sincere. The effect of asking for help should not be underestimated. This is a tough challenge and sometimes you can really use all the help in the world. Be assured in knowing that help is always available. Just ask for help from God, Holy Spirit or your Higher Self and you will be given guidance and support. Help can come in any form, so don’t reject a helping hand when it presents itself. I have come to the understanding that praying for something to go away is often not helpful.  Praying for positive qualities like strength, faith and insight are more effective. For example, you can pray for successful therapy and fast recovery. Also, you can ask for help from the Medicine Buddha and chant the mantra of the Medicine Buddha: Tad-ya-ta: Om Bhai-sha-jye Bhai-sha-jye Maha Bhai-sha-jye Ra-ja Sa-mud-ga-te Sva-ha…


I wish I had heard of the Medicine Buddha before. I was already recovered when I “met” this wonderful figure, so instead of praying for recovery I just said: “Thank you!” Recovery has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my life and I`m forever grateful for it having happened. May my prayers help you to heal.


7. Keep the vision of health firmly in your mind. The fact that our minds have the power to change our lives is not a secret anymore. Many books have been written about how to consciously choose and change our reality. “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy is a classic, and there are many more. The idea is simple: Make a clear mental image of the thing or condition that you wish to manifest, keep it firmly in your mind and feel grateful, as if it has been or is being granted to you. Lack of vision of good health is one of the obstacles to regaining health. I used to be so caught up in seeing myself as a sufferer and had started to regard the condition as “normal and inevitable.”  When I learned the simple yet powerful truth that our minds can actually bring about profound changes in our lives, I consciously started to choose and visualize a healthy image of myself. It was difficult to do in the beginning because I was so used to seeing myself as a sufferer, but I tried to keep the vision alive no matter what. I pictured myself being full of energy and always happy, doing things I love to do and living my life just the way I want to. I also visualized other areas of my life that needed improvement, like work and finances. As an aid I used writing and drawing – I drew a picture of “happy me” and “my home” and wrote down all the things I wanted to have. This way it became easier for me to keep these goals in mind. Visualization, along with deep feeling of gratitude will be of great help in your recovery. I suggest you throw the idea of being a sufferer out of your mind and out of your vocabulary. Instead, you can refer to yourself as someone who has recovered or is recovering, and see yourself as someone who is healthy or is in the process of regaining health. Stop going on websites and forums where there is no creative and positive inspiration for recovery – complaining, arguing and criticizing do not help you to recover! If you have to visit forums, choose the ones that are focused on recovery and healing rather than dwelling on the impossibility of healing.


9. Be present. Recovery (or any other process) should be considered as something that happens here and now. It is always here and now that we can change something. True, you can feel better tomorrow than you do today, but any change happens only in the ever-present now. It is right now right now and it will still be the same now tomorrow afternoon. You can`t change anything yesterday or tomorrow, you can change it only in the now (whatever the time of day or number of year). In a way, recovery is still a journey, but it is a journey that takes you nowhere except deeper into yourself. Become intimate with the present moment and you will know yourself better and better.


Being present means living in this very moment, the only moment we ever have. There is no past and future in the NOW, and therefore also no worries. This is the simplest secret to a happy life. In the context of CFS/M.E. and mind-body healing, presence is the only possibility for recovery. Being present enables us to feel the messages within our bodies, and that is the main means of transformation. Perhaps the best way to start practicing presence is practicing meditation. The first thing you can do is to listen to all of the sounds around you as if you were listening to music. Look at all the objects as if you saw them for the first time. Pay attention to your whole body – the weight of your body, the touch of clothes on your skin, the temperature in your surroundings, all the sensations (pleasant or unpleasant). Feel your emotions and observe your thoughts the way they are in this moment. See, hear, feel, smell and taste what is going on in and around you. Try to become more present in everything you do in every moment of your life. If you can make this shift in your way of being, you will be well on the way to regaining full health.

What is Reverse Therapy and how it works

“If you want to be truly happy, then you have to be true to yourself, and you have to be willing to act on your own emotions no matter what emotions you have.”

– Dr. John Eaton, Ph.D

This chapter introduces a healing method called Reverse Therapy, and includes an introduction to its predecessors and their ideas. It also serves as a general introduction to mind-body medicine and helps you to acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge for recovery. If you feel you need a more solid and scientific basis on Reverse Therapy, I suggest you read Dr. Eaton`s books “M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia – The Reverse Therapy Approach” and “Reverse Therapy for Health,” which is available for free on the Reverse Therapy website

Basically, Reverse Therapy means re-learning to live in accordance with one`s bodymind intelligence. It is a really simple process that even children can understand, but adults often find difficult to follow. It is very simple, but it doesn`t mean it`s easy. It requires you to commit to living your life in a completely different way than you are used to, which is not effortless, at least in the beginning. But I can tell you that the efforts are worth-wile. My own recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome occurred thanks to this theory and therefore I am confident that it will help others, too. The theory makes a lot of sense and the main thing is that it works. Before learning about Reverse Therapy I had lost all hope in conventional medicine because it mainly deals with results (symptoms) rather than causes and therefore simply does not work. Unlike mainstream medicine, mind-body medicine addresses the causes and thus heals illnesses in a much more rational way. Instead of sweeping the problem under the carpet so to speak, it sweeps it out of the room altogether. I hope that mind-body healing techniques will be more utilized in future psychology and medicine, and there are signs that this is the case.

Reverse Therapy is based on theories and practices of psychobiology (a medical science that deals with the connection between the mind and the body), and psychoneuroimmunology (which investigates brain, behavior and immune system reactions).[1] Reverse Therapy owes its existence to the life-long commitment of such famous psychiatrists and psychotherapists as Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. Ernest Rossi, Dr. Hans Selye, Dr. Eugene Gendlin, Dr. Esther Sternberg, Dr. Candace Pert and the abovementioned British doctor John Eaton. They all contributed to the therapy in their own specific ways and the result is an “educational process that teaches clients how to understand and work with Bodymind so that it no longer needs to produce symptoms in order to warn, guide and protect the individual.”[2] In Reverse Therapy, the patient has a very important role to play and therapists are there only to assist them to heal themselves.

Reverse Therapists are facilitators. Reverse Therapy is an educational process and not a ‘therapy’ in the traditional sense. In it we teach clients how to get well using the Reverse Therapy process. We then support them in their work on self-healing. Reverse Therapy is not a ‘cure’ but a method through which self-healing can be achieved. Although the Reverse Therapy method is simple to apply it can be hard work.

-John Eaton “Reverse Therapy for Health” pg. 34-35

This approach is akin to what Dr. Stanislav Grof sees as the role of therapists in future psychology, which gives me hope that these ideas will be more widespread in the future:

The main objective of holotropic strategy of therapy is to activate the unconscious

and free the energy bound in emotional and psychosomatic symptoms, which converts

these symptoms into a stream of experience. The task of the facilitator or therapist in

holotropic therapy then is to support the experiential process with full trust in its healing nature, without trying to direct it or change it. This process is guided by the client’s own inner healing intelligence. The term therapist is used here in the sense of the Greek therapeutes, which means the person assisting in the healing process, not an active agent whose task is to “fix the client.”

Stanislav Grof, M.D. “Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research” p. 27

Thus, Reverse Therapy is a method that aims at activating the patient’s inner healing powers. The ideas of Reverse Therapy are partly based on scientific and experimental research of a very interesting psychotherapist Milton Erickson and his student Dr. Ernest Rossi. Erickson is noted for his indirect techniques of psychotherapy like the confusion technique, the handshake induction, shocks and ordeals. He was a remarkable teacher and had many students from all over the world. His legacy is very rich and serves as a goldmine for psychotherapists. One of his approaches was to suggest the patient to act according to his/her true feelings and bodily sensations. As an example of his genius and humor, here is a passage about one of his cases:

Erickson would often compliment the patient for a symptom, and would even encourage it, in very specific ways. In one amusing example, a woman whose in-laws caused her nauseous feelings in the gut every time they visited unexpectedly was “taught” to puke spectacularly whenever the visits were especially inconvenient. Naturally the in-laws would always sympathetically help her clean up the vomit. Fairly soon, the annoying relatives started calling in advance before turning up, to see if she were “well enough” to see them.

-Wikipedia (Available as of August 6, 2008)

This paragraph illustrates Erickson`s view that symptoms have to be noticed and acted upon. He encouraged the patient to do exactly what she felt she needed to do – vomit! This gave her the message that the symptoms are really OK and she`s allowed to act them out. Rather than trying to change the reactions that troubled the patient, he told her to act in accordance with the symptoms. This approach implies the belief in our body`s capacity to heal itself when its sensations are acknowledged. Erickson`s student, Dr. Rossi, who contributed to Reverse Therapy by discovering a direct link between mind and body, expresses his insights into mind-body healing mechanisms in an interview:

I teach entirely natural procedures whereby patients can learn to recognize the meaning of their own sensations, emotions, thoughts, creativity and developing points of view. I help patients discover the new frames of reference that their inner mind-body is creating spontaneously at many levels within themselves. Life is naturally creative – we are always in a state of creative flux to deal with an ever-changing world. I help patients to create or, better, to discover the naturally healing reframes that are taking place in themselves all the time. In my most recent book I call this “The Symptom Path to Enlightenment.” People learn how to listen to the message that their stress-induced symptoms may be telling them. They learn how to convert their so-called “symptoms” into “signals” of how and when they need to do their own inner healing. By heeding the message of their symptoms they gradually acquire their own insights and “enlightenment” about how to better their lives and facilitate their own healing. […] One of the most amazing discoveries of modern psychobiology is the new system of molecular communication between brain and body at the cellular level. We now know that “messenger molecules” (also called “hormones, growth factors etc.”) flow in the blood stream between the brain and little “receptors” or receiving stations on the surface of every cell of the body. This is the essence of mind-body communication. These messenger molecules even modulate how nerves carry their lines of communication between mind and body.

-Ernest Lawrence Rossi (Hypnosis Interview for the Spanish MagazineVisa, 1996), source: (Available as of August 6, 2008)

Mind-body healing is based on the idea that our bodies already “know” how to be healthy, or in fact that we actually are healthy by our nature. So our role is just to “get out of the way” and enable the inner healing to happen. We can do that by removing all obstacles to healing and learning to live our lives in accordance with our innermost feelings. It is necessary to regain the connection with the deeper part of ourselves.

Reverse therapy is not a psychotherapy and does not treat Headmind problems. It is a Bodymind healing process. Reverse therapy considers that many non-specific illnesses, such as M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and certain other conditions, come about because Headmind has ceased to pay attention to Bodymind needs. It does this because it tries to force the person to do what others want, avoid complaining, or to ‘act normal’, ‘keep a stiff upper lip’, ‘keep my problems to myself’. Reverse therapy bypasses these Headmind strategies, focusing purely on the emotional needs Bodymind is prompting the person to fulfil.”

-“What is Reverse Therapy?” booklet from


However, my experience has shown that “focusing purely on the emotional needs Bodymind is prompting the person to fulfil” is not enough. My healing path also involved healing past traumas, which RT does not focus on. In some cases I could not act in a healthy way (or in accordance with the bodymind intelligence) because there were obstacles and blocks rooted in past events. These blocks along with unhealthy ideas and emotions had to be dealt with before I could make a change in my behavior. Emotional healing played a major part in my recovery and therefore its importance is reminded and emphasized throughout this book. Although I did not get well using the methods of Reverse Therapy alone, I wholeheartedly believe in the theory behind it. When I read about RT the first time, it resonated with me so strongly that I didn’t have a doubt that this is the path for me. After all, it is quite logical that our bodies are “concerned” about the fact that we have lost our emotional balance and are burdened with too many problems. Therefore it is also logical that by re-establishing our emotional balance and learning to think, feel and act in a healthy way will enable us to regain our health. If the symptoms are an expression of concern from the bodymind then our role is to eliminate the reasons for concern so that the bodymind can stop producing symptoms. It’s really that simple!

Below is an explanation of the key terms of Reverse Therapy that are intimately linked with the healing process.


Bodymind is the most important term used in Reverse Therapy and perhaps the hardest to understand with our rational minds. Bodymind is the underlying intelligence of our bodies, which makes our system work the way it does. It is our own deeper intelligence that makes sure we are well and happy. Its job is to ensure our survival as biological organisms and thus it also warns us when it perceives a threat, so that we can protect ourselves in order to survive. Unlike our headmind, it is always truthful and authentic. One way to learn about bodymind is to look at your pets – cats and dogs can be valuable teachers. They always act in accordance with their needs and they never think whether something is appropriate or not. When they are hungry they eat, when tired, they sleep. Also, your children can be valuable teachers. Look how authentic they are! Do they ever withhold an emotional reaction because it is “inappropriate?” They have not yet learned the ways of society and act very spontaneously. But as they grow up, they learn a myriad of ideas of what is appropriate and what is not and so they start acting according to these ideas rather than their inborn spontaneous drives. And that is the main cause of CFS/M.E. according to Reverse Therapy. We often mistakenly believe the ideas in our head to be authentic and our own, but there has to be a distinction: what we think is necessarily not true to our real feelings. We have learned to live our lives the way we have been taught and programmed to, and the programming can be so overwhelming and incompatible with our deepest feelings that we “break down.” The bodymind is “concerned” about the fact that we ignore what we really feel and so it starts to send signals to us that are designed to make us change the way we live our lives. The term bodymind can be compared to terms like “higher self,” “true self,” “deeper intelligence,” and even “guardian angel.” It “represents our unconscious mind, inner voice, inner being, heart, possibly soul and many other labels.”[1] On the physical level it renews our cellular tissues, digests the food we eat (makes the process work), keeps our temperature stable, controls our blood pressure, sends out emotional signals about threatening situations and to let us know what to do, etc.


The centre of Bodymind resides in the Limbic system, a set of structures in the middle of the skull also known as the emotional brain. These structures include the Hippocampus (stores cellular memories about past emotional experiences), the Thalamus (processes information from the senses) the Amygdala (the Alarm centre), and the Hypothalamus (the body’s master controller, which orchestrates the production of emotions and symptoms as well as regulating temperature, sleep, water retention and reproduction).


-John Eaton “Reverse Therapy for Health” p. 7


Bodymind`s purpose is to protect us from harm. Anything we do that is not in accord with our deeper intelligence and true wishes means “danger” for bodymind and it will signal that to us by sending feelings of sadness, frustration and anger. The bodymind wants us to do what we really want to do and wants us to be happy. For example, if we are doing a job we hate just because it pays well or we are afraid of losing our income if we decide to change our occupation, we are not exactly doing what we really want to be doing and it’s only natural that the deeper intelligence in us, our higher self or guardian angel, will react to this. Of course, people are different and so is the level of stress they can handle and diseases they are inclined to have. There are millions of people who have jobs they hate and yet don’t suffer from CFS. People differ in their ability to tolerate hardships and negative mental states and a similar situation might cause one to fall ill while the other is healthy and happy. Nevertheless, there is danger in holding on to negative feelings in us because it is the cause of many diseases – cancer, impotence and depression, for example. The following is from an excellent article called “Negative Emotions and Your Health” and I urge you to read the whole article (link in the footnote on next page):


“Our bodies are basically complex chemical factories with the brain running the show. Our organs do not operate independently, but take their orders from the brain and central nervous system — orders that are chemically delivered. Physical characteristics such as digestion, heart function, blood pressure, respiration, and other bodily functions are triggered by the release of hormones and other chemicals that are originally stimulated by the brain. Research has proven that negative emotions such as fear, bitterness, anxiety, anger, trying to get ‘even ‘, depression, and unforgiveness can cause the release of chemical agents that lead to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and inflammation throughout the body, a key factor in cancer, heart disease, and many other debilitating conditions [] Rather than doubting the effects of emotions on the body, many modern physicians are now embracing this idea. In fact, some new terms have cropped up in medicine in the last few years, terms such as “health psychologist,” “behavioral medicine,” and the field of “psychoneuroimmunology.” More and more hard evidence is being discovered that gives increased credence to what we have always instinctively known and what natural health practitioners have been proclaiming for years.”[2]


There is a lot of literature available on how our mental and emotional states cause severe physical diseases. The subject is even discussed in scientific papers and books and is thus not just another suspicious new age theory. An article by Yale professors on how emotional states affect our physical health is a case in point and can be read here.


One of the best books on that subject is “Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing” by Caroline Myss. That book actually initiated the healing process in me back in 2002. It illuminated the dark areas of my life story and the mental-emotional-physical body. The main idea of that book is that our biography becomes our biology – everything we have ever experienced is stored in our bodies, and the information is available to those that can read it. Perhaps the most important point in connection to CFS/M.E. is that our bodies become ill if we harbor excessive negative emotions. For example, we can develop a brain tumor by holding hate in our mind and not be willing to release it by forgiving the persons involved. Hence, if our minds affect the physical condition of the body, it is possible to change the physical condition by changing the patterns that created it. To heal CFS/M.E., profound release of negative emotions and deep forgiveness may be necessary. Forgiveness is one of the keys to recovery from many conditions and I will come back to it later.


The problem is that we tend to ignore our feelings, inner guidance and intuition or even think they are not there (because we never paid attention!). Also, we downplay our emotional truth by statements like “It really wasn’t a big deal.” It is the norm to hide and suppress our emotions and let them be stored deep in our bodies where they are going to make themselves heard anyway. And then we go to a doctor and get a prescription for Prozac, or have our tumor surgically removed. That is the way problems are “solved” in our culture. Now it is time to look at things differently and start dealing with the causes rather than effects of our physical symptoms. Reverse Therapy and other mind-body healing methods are at the cutting edge of this approach.

[1] David Mickel “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME and Fibromyalgia – The Long Awaited Cure” p. 14

[2] Oasis Advanced Wellness Blog

The key in recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. is paying attention to our bodies and becoming aligned with the inherent intelligence in us. Our society is advanced technologically, but we are still human and still have the same bio-spiritual makeup as we did thousands of years ago – the same survival mechanisms are still at work, and stressful everyday events can trigger the same physical and emotional responses that would come about when our ancestors stumbled across a lion on the path. It`s as if our bodies could not make a distinction between a real threat (a wild lion) and a seemingly real threat (“I cannot take it anymore!”). In the case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. our bodymind has activated all the defense mechanisms in order to deliver us a message – get out of danger! Of course, the danger may not really be there anymore, but some events or situations have been left unresolved, and due to an overwhelming accumulation of emotions the body has been forced to go into an overdrive mode in which it constantly sends out signals that we are not acting in accordance with our own truth and/or that we are suffering from an emotional overload.


In my case, the bodymind was concerned about the fact that I was not true to myself, that I always tried to please other people (out of fear of rejection) and didn’t stand up for myself. I didn’t (or couldn’t) acknowledge my right to make my own decisions based on my true wishes. I was seriously lacking self-esteem and self-respect. I felt as if I could not be myself and tried to show myself off as someone who is loveable by acting the way I thought others wanted me to. Also, there were many unresolved emotional issues and traumas that kept me in a vicious circle – the cycle of feeling bad about myself, acting in a non-truthful way and feeling bad about myself again could not be broken because I was stuck in suffering from past events. Things that happened in the past and are unresolved cause symptoms because the bodymind creates “chemical memories” or “cellular memories” (everything is stored in our bodies!) which serve as reminders about harmful situations. Whenever we happen to be in a similar situation to the original trigger event(s), the bodymind sends out warnings immediately based on the information stored in these “chemical memories.” Reverse Therapy aims at dissolving the cellular memories linked with situations and symptoms, and energy healing methods are of great help in achieving this end. Cellular memories can be dissolved by healing the “trigger events” and/or by acting in accordance with bodymind`s intelligence. Once the cause of symptoms – being stuck in negative feelings and not acting truthfully – is removed, the results (symptoms) disappear.  How this works in real life will be discussed later.


Bodymind really wants the best for us and tries to make sure that we live up to our true potential – that we fulfill our need (and obligation) to be happy. Come to think of it, there is nothing more to wish for in life than true happiness. What more do you need than good health and happiness (whatever the word means to you)? Bodymind is our powerful ally who helps us to achieve what we deeply desire and deserve. Thus it is essential for recovery to start trusting our deeper intelligence. It means that we have to change our attitudes and perceptions in order to regain our health. It’s not only OK to feel what we feel and do what we want to do, but it is imperative! 


It takes quite a bit of digging in one’s mind to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not only do you have to deal with what’s underneath, in the subconscious, you also have to examine your “Headmind” – the everyday mind that works during the waking hours.

Headmind is in a way the opposite of bodymind, although its purpose is our wellbeing too. It tries to accomplish our happiness and wellbeing by using thoughts and rules, but unfortunately often fails. Headmind is the rational, thinking, evaluating intelligence that helps us to function in society. It is conditioned by our parents, teachers and all other people we have been in contact with – the society in general, and thus it is not personal, but social. It has been programmed into us by way of the demands and expectations we have had to deal with. We have learned the ways of our culture, but have also learned to ignore our own truth in this process. There is too much emphasis on headmind in our culture and so it is a quite common belief that “emotions are bad,” which is of course a terrible misbelief. One of the purposes of Reverse Therapy is to teach people that emotions are legitimate and have to be accepted as an important part of ourselves. But headmind often makes it difficult.


Headmind seeks to dominate Bodymind because it fears that we may be rejected as misfits if we follow our own emotional truth. That is to say: rejected by our partners, our employers, our friends, our children, our parents – even by people we have only just met. In fact emotions don’t work like that. They are there to improve our relationships with others – to make them more honest, more open, more reliable, more trustworthy and more loving.


-John Eaton “Reverse Therapy for Health” p. 19


We have forgotten that the ideas in our mind are not our own, but are acquired from the environment. Sometimes this can lead to obsessions that make it impossible for us to be true to ourselves. For example, many of us feel that we have to be “good persons” and “nice people,” so we go out of our way to make others happy, which often means ignoring our own deeper feelings in favor of the ideas in our head. It does not mean that we shouldn`t make other people happy, but just that we should not keep ignoring what our bodies are telling us. It is natural to want to be a good person, but if it becomes an obsession and results in compromising our own wellbeing, we are in trouble. Many of us (including healthy people) believe things like: “I cannot live without him/her” (vs. “True happiness is inside, it does not depend on anyone else”), “I can be happy only if other people respect me, and I have to earn their respect no matter what” (vs. “I love myself unconditionally and am happy with who I am”), “I do not deserve to be happy and enjoy my life because…” (vs. “It is my duty to be happy and enjoy my life”), etc. Some ideas are so ingrained that we have come to believe that these ideas are actually true! But if we start to examine them more closely and really analyze them honestly, it will become apparent that they are merely some internalized beliefs picked up from an unhealthy environment, and have nothing at all to do with who we truly are. Our minds are like prison cells that keep us from experiencing life as it really is. Most people are unaware of the limitations imposed by our minds and therefore seek no way out. We believe all sorts of things, but that doesn’t mean these things are true. Moreover, the thoughts in our head are really not our own! Practicing meditation and observing the thoughts brings this understanding home quite soon. Thoughts are just a process that is happening in our skulls and there is not much we can do about it. But we believe they are our own and therefore suffer unnecessarily. It is not in the scope of this book to refute all of the wrong ideas of the headmind and find the way to ultimate truth. What is important to note with regards to recovery is that most of the wrong headmind work that results in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. has to do with distorting our emotional expression. By recognizing and learning to notice the distortions of headmind we can re-establish balance in our lives. Dr. John Eaton lists some ways in which headmind can distort our emotional truth:


  • Assuming that emotions are unreal and thoughts are the only true reality
  • Applying rigid rules that deny permission for emotions
  • Thinking we must be “selfish” if we focus on our own needs
  • Blaming others for our “bad” emotions (“if it wasn`t for you…”)
  • Abusing food, drugs and alcohol instead of attending to our emotional needs
  • Becoming driven, or obsessional about single issues instead of balancing them with other activities
  • Sitting on our emotions for so long that we become anxious and depressed at which point Headmind thinks “see – I told you emotions were bad’”
  • Remaining victims instead of taking responsibility and speaking up for ourselves
  • Getting lost in the past (“if only….”) and becoming depressed
  • Worrying about the future (“I won’t be able to cope…”) and getting anxious


-John Eaton “Reverse Therapy for Health” pg. 19-20


The real problem lies in the fact that we have become accustomed to living in our heads most of the time and learned to ignore our bodies, so that we are really like walking computers. We lack the ability to act spontaneously, according to our feelings in the present moment. It is essential to start noticing what is happening in our bodies and minds before change can happen. It really takes effort to change, but this is the only possibility. A good definition of change can be found in the movie “What the bleep do we know?!”


“Change means that we have to abandon our old self. It means that we have to leave behind our identity for a few moments and begin to speculate who we could be. To change means modifying our behavior enough so that it is permanent.”


–        From the movie “What the bleep do we know?!”


It could be useful to watch “What the bleep do we know?!” in order to reflect on bodymind and headmind, especially from 1:30 up until about 2:00 hrs. I also recommend reading Eckhart Tolle`s books. I found his book “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life`s Purpose” extremely helpful in acquiring a more truthful approach to life.

Hypothalamus – the master gland


Hypothalamus – the “master” gland that controls all bodily functions, including temperature, tension, blood pressure, energy level, etc. Hypothalamus is a part of the limbic system – the oldest part of our brains that we share with reptiles and mammals. The RT point of view is that as a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E, your hypothalamus is weakened by long-term exposure to physical or emotional stress. It has gone into “overdrive” because there are some problems you have not dealt with. Your bodymind has been sending signals about situations and emotions that needed attention a long time ago, but as there has been no reaction, the system has become unable to cope with it and become dysfunctional. In Reverse TherapyChronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.Eand Fibromyalgia are called with the same name –“ hypothalamitis,” which refers to an inflamed hypothalamus. Since the hypothalamus is in “overdrive,” it keeps the body in a “fight or flight” mode like it would in potentially dangerous situations. It makes the body work very hard and puts a lot of strain on the body in order for it to cope with an imaginary threat. The hypothalamus can be put back to normal by learning to live in accordance with bodymind intelligence and healing the underlying emotional distress.[1]


Symptom message


In Reverse Therapy the message that your bodymind wants to deliver to us through the symptoms is referred to as the symptoms message. It is the knowledge or instruction we have to act upon so that the bodymind can stop producing symptoms. When the bodymind message is understood and acted upon, the hypothalamus can go back to normal functioning, and the chemical memories along with symptoms will start to dissolve. In Reverse Therapy, the symptom-message is written on a card and should be read whenever the client gets symptoms. The message reminds the client to act according to their true and bodily felt feelings and “there are around 9 core messages that the Bodymind uses through the emotions – particularly Fear, Anger and Sadness.”[2] However, I have found that written message is not necessarily needed. Most of my healing has been due to feeling the sensations and emotions in my body and then acting on them or healing their roots with energy healing techniques (sometimes even without understanding anything). In Reverse Therapy, the aim is to “understand” why our bodymind is producing symptoms and to correct any underlying imbalances. The most important point to understand is that if you do not listen to your body your symptoms will persist. Without deep listening and openness you are not very likely to make progress in recovery, so it is necessary to sensitize yourself to your emotions, sensations and symptoms.


Based on my experience I should say that there is likely to be an immense amount of learning potential concealed in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. There is likely to be more than one message your bodymind wants to deliver. I have been able to identify a few during the course of recovery: “Stop putting other people’s needs first and focus on your own needs! Stop putting up with abuse from other people and start speaking up for yourself! Learn to enjoy life – do the things you love, be happy, grateful, playful and loving! Work towards uncovering your true potential and find out what you really want in life. Trust life, trust God, and trust the universe. Be positive and cultivate your positive qualities. Practice forgiveness as a way to rid yourself of negative emotions and grudges that make you feel heavy, etc.” Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. taught me all of the above and more. These are essential lessons and I’m grateful. Hopefully my book will help you understand what your bodymind wants to tell you.


Actions – the magic pill to overcome chronic fatigue syndrome?


In Reverse Therapy, this is the last and the most crucial step of recovery. When the person has understood the message of the bodymind, they have to take corrective actions to let the bodymind know that they have “listened” to it. This is the most difficult and perhaps the most controversial part of Reverse Therapy because it is not easy (if not impossible) to say what an action should be.


In Reverse Therapy they encourage clients to take actions in everyday life to let the bodymind know that it is being listened to. For example, if you feel uneasy when you switch on the TV, go into your body and try to get a sense what you are really feeling, and then do something that you feel is just right – make a cup of tea, go for a walk, take a bath or solve that relationship issue that has been on your mind for a long time. The action should be in accord with the feeling in your body and so it can be different each time. Therefore, any suggestions serve as examples and not advice. The actions should always be spontaneous, the right thing to do in the moment. When you know the situations in which your bodymind is producing symptoms and also know (or feel) the hidden message(s) of the bodymind, you can start acting in accordance with that knowledge. This, according to REverse Therapy, will eliminate your symptoms for good.


It sounds quite logical, but I cannot support this approach 100% because I have discovered is that actions by themselves are not necessarily enough. How can speaking up for myself heal an intense emotional trauma? Well, it can’t! I have tried over and over, but found that actions alone are not always enough.I have had to do a lot of emotional healing too. It is not to say that actions are useless – they may be very necessary. But the fact is that sometimes our negative emotions are not caused by wrong actions (and therefore not corrected by right actions), but are really deep and need really deep healing work to be cleared. At the same time there are many people for whom the methods of Reverse Therapy alone (acting in accordance with bodymind’s messages) have been enough. The success rate of Reverse Therapy is said to be around 80%:


The success rate for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME is astounding, currently over 80% [1]


Currently, we are seeing average success rates in treatment of over 80% in adults and 100% in children.[2]


But there are also many people for whom RT alone has not been enough (myself included, although I have never seen a professional Reverse Therapist and maybe not taken the “right actions”). I did experience significant improvement in my condition the first time I fully paid attention to my symptoms and took action. So it is definitely useful to learn about “the way of actions.” It might work for you! Therefore I have not left this topic out and addressed it in a separate chapter. It is also possible that you cannot act according to your bodymind’s messages because you have some emotional resistance or energy blocks that stop you from acting the way you would like to. In that case, dealing with the emotions using EFT and TAT is a good idea. The bottom line is that the bodymind “understands” actions – thinking is not going to help, you have to do something!


I have come to understand that there are not necessarily single actions that heal you (although it has been reported to be the case[3]), but rather a series of actions forming new ways of behavior. Looking for a job is one action, but going to work is another. Speaking up for yourself in one situation may make you feel better, but you might need to make this your customary way of relating to others. What is necessary, according to my experience, is a new way of living your life. Our actions should no longer be based on fear, anger and guilt, but rather courage, acceptance, peace and love. Becoming healthy means acting in an emotionally healthy way. We really don’t have to suffer! We can be happy, joyful and loving! It’s our own choice and a very important one: do we base our life on fear or love?