A couple of days ago I received a fantastic e-mail from a person who had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for more than a decade, but is feeling much better now after implementing the ideas in this blog.

The letter made me very happy and I asked the person for permission to publish it. She granted it, so here it is:

“Hi there, 


I  would like to thank you for writing your blog about overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Your experience with TAT, EFT and your suggestions  how to think brought tremendous change into my life. After few months practicing all these combined with 15 minute meditation  I felt enormous relief when it comes to severe  joint and muscle  pain. After more than a decade I can go to bathroom and brush my teeth like a normal human being without need to put some extra effort to move my hands, not to mention just walking to the bathroom. 


I am a childhood trauma survivor , still facing a  lot of issues waiting to be resolved, but  waking up in the morning without CFS symptoms, is a joy that you probably can understand. Although I must admit that sometimes I can feel fear inside myself, I am worrying that symptoms will come back.


Thank you once again, for  sharing your experience in overcoming this terrible problem. 


Best regards,

Mima C.”

I thanked her for her feedback and asked if she could write more about her experience of recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. She wrote me back and told me more about her recovery and her story.

“In the past I also tried to solve CFS problem seeking help from psychiatrists. But antidepressants did not help. Zoloft, Xanax, and some other SSRi only sedated me, not solving a single thing. I opened my mind to other solutions. I read a lot of  self-help books, books about Buddhism,  then ones written by Dalai Lama. Your blog was the first place where I found about TAT. At first I thought it was silly. But I said let’s try it, it doesn’t cost anything and I do not have to take any substance. And according to my diary since end of May, there isn’t a single entry about being tired. 

I would like also  to emphasize one thing you wrote ” LOOK, just look inside of yourself! What are you feeling? ”  And your advice to feel the symptoms, not to hide.”

I look forward to hearing more from this person once she is fully recovered from CFS and ready to share her story. Hearing stories like this means so much to me! Thank you!