Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/M.E.) is a horrible condition, but it is possible to overcome it. The method described in this blog and my e-book may look counter-intuitive, but it works.  Even if it doesn’t seem to work for the first few weeks or months, don’t lose hope. I received an e-mail from a person who wrote me a few months ago, saying he found EFT helpful only initially after starting with it, but then he started to experience more symptoms and gave up on EFT. This week (six months after his first e-mail) he wrote again:

“I´ve been doing EFT and feeling into the body for a few months now since reading your e-book, and have had some great results. Since doing this work I am finding their seems to be a huge amount of stored feelings or energy in the body and it wants to come up. The more work I do on it, the more it wants to come up and I have trouble shutting it off. I´ve generally been able to live a fairly normal life in the past year or so, but the last few weeks have had me in bed 15+ hours a day. Its like I’ve opened a Pandora’s box. It’s just so like a heavy detox. Is this something you came across when first doing this type of work?”

Here’s my reply to him:

“It is often the case when we have results that more stuff wants to surface. It has to be allowed to surface. I know it’s not easy, but there is no other way as far as I’m concerned. I certainly experienced an increase in symptoms when I started to work on my stuff. It went on for a long time, the stuff kept coming up relentlessly – it was painful and frightening and horrible, but I knew I had to go through it if I wanted to get well.

Keep doing the work, but also try to work on your resistance to the stuff that’s coming up. Both EFT and TAT are excellent methods for that. What can possibly go wrong if you feel your stuff? There may be an immense amount of stuff stored beneath CFS and it can be VERY painful to experience, but it will eventually be over. Here is a video that sums up the process in a simple way:

A few days after writing this reply, I also wrote this:

Feeling into your stuff is critical for overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome. You absolutely need to feel what you are feeling. Wanting to “shut it off” is a natural reaction to an unexpected amount of pain and suffering, but your painful feelings are there for a reason. They are trying to get your attention so that you can make different, more healthy choices in your life. “Making healthy choices” simply means living in accord with your real feelings. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by ignoring and shutting off our painful feelings and memories, so the solution must be healing those memories and letting the painful feelings surface to be healed. It´s simple, but not necessarily easy.

It is actually very helpful when your bad feelings surface because then you´ll know what is causing your symptoms. It is then possible to work on the issues that have surfaced, either by using the methods I´ve found most helpful (TAT, EFT) or some other effective means. You need insights into the mechanism and reasons behind CFS to be able to recover.

We all have our demons that we run from. Eventually we have to face them, however. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a demon that keeps chasing us until we dare to turn around, look into its eyes, poke it with our finger and ask: “What are you doing here? Why are you chasing me? Who are you and why are you here?” In the light of your awareness the demon will start to dissolve. It can no longer hide itself behind the veil of ignorance (ignoring your pain). Overcoming CFS means overcoming your fear of facing the demon and exploring it fully. It is not the path for the faint-hearted, but I believe people are given difficulties in accordace to their ability to endure them.