The benefits of emotional healing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Even if in your case Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not in any way related to childhood traumas, negative emotions and beliefs, you are still likely to benefit from energy psychology methods such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique).

Having used energy healing techniques (initially EFT and then mostly TAT) for three years now, I started to wonder one day what has changed during this time. Something has definitely changed, but it was difficult to articulate it at first, even though the answer is obvious: I no longer feel the burden of “negative” events from the past, am not stuck in emotional suffering and find it easier to be happy.

I used to feel very fearful, would often experience anxiety and wallow in painful events from the past. I also felt inhibited by my perceived limitations, unquestioned beliefs, and repetitive negative thoughts. All of those no longer bother me too much.

EFT and TAT helped to create space for enjoying my life and not repeating my story of suffering over and over in my mind. Now, I find it easier to live in the present moment, free of worries about the future and burdens from the past.  I still feel “negative” emotions – they are a part of life! But there is much less fear, anxiety, stress and limiting beliefs. So my work with those methods has definitely been worth-wile.

These energy healing methods have not only freed me from much unnecessary fear and stress, they have also given my life back – there is not even a trace of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome left! I am completely well. I have written about TAT in my earlier posts, please see and

If this big change has happened in just three years, I wonder how much has changed during the past ten years. I am planning to find my old journals (I used to keep a daily record of events, thoughts and emotions) to take a look at what my life and inner world were like at that time and compare it to how I am today. The difference is likely to be enormous! I have really become a new person. I might publish a post about this comparison soon.