A week ago I started to feel I´m done with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and am getting tired of writing about CFS/M.E. I have said pretty much everything I had to say about the subject and there is not much more to say. However, I am still finding my experience of CFS/M.E. valuable and helpful in everyday life, and so if I share it, my experience could help others as well. The knowledge I have gained by overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome helps me to cope with my life better. The basic strategy has never failed me. It always works if done properly.

What I have written about CFS/M.E is really very simple: pay attention to how you feel, act according to it, and/or heal the emotional symptoms underneath the physical ones. CFS/M.E. is giving you signals about what you need to change in your mind and life. As far as I´m concerned, this is all there is to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS/M.E. is nothing more than a set of (severe) physical symptoms that are caused by suppressed emotional problems. Once you deal with those hidden problems and let them go, the symptoms of CFS/M.E. will go as well. I have heard it reported by many people. It sounds simple and straightforward in theory, but in practice it may mean years of hard work of releasing and letting go of “stuff” you no longer need.

Although I feel I´m done with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I still experience anxiety and vague feelings of fear sometimes. I didn´t feel like getting up this morning and so I started to pay attention to my feelings. There was some fear and anxiety. When I looked into it to find its location in the body, a murky feeling around the lower back area became discernible. It felt very uncomfortable to look at it and the tendency was to escape it or at least ignore the feeling. But I knew I just had to feel it even though I didn´t understand what it´s about. Trying to ignore, suppress or escape what we are feeling is the major reason why we get conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I got up, took a shower and sat down to meditate for 30 minutes, as I try to do every morning. Many pictures from my past came to my mind during these minutes. It was as if deeply hidden stuff was being released from the subconscious. It all happened effortlessly. I could remember the incidents, dialogues and feelings and at the same time felt that I´m ready to make peace with them. Overcoming CFS was a conscious and continuous clearing process, and this process is still taking place spontaneously.

If you want to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you have to pay attention to and deal with what is coming up in your body and mind every day. You have to keep vigil and really feel what you are feeling at all times. No more hiding away, no more ignoring anything, no matter how painful it may be. Trying to escape how we really feel is precisely the reason why our problems don´t go away. We are simply not ready to listen what they are trying to tell us. But when we open ourselves up to what we feel, our emotional and physical issues will start to dissolve.

We may ignore what´s going on in ourselves for years or even decades, but at one point we need to start paying attention and listening. Our bodily intelligence will keep signaling to us that there is something we have to change. In extreme cases, we can have the troubling part cut off by a surgeon, but if the potential for the physical issue remains unresolved, it is very likely that the physical problem will return. So it would be wise to pay attention now. NOW is the time to feel. Whether you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or just fear or anxiety, I invite you to investigate openly and courageously the hidden message behind these issues. Just be here now and feel what you feel!

One of the most important things I have learned by overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is how to gain peace of mind.  It´s simple. Just sit still and see what comes up. Let your mind become calm like the surface of a lake. In this calm state you will be able to notice any distractions that disturb your natural silence. When you know what is disturbing your peace, you can do something about it, and when you know what is causing your symptoms or dis-ease, you will know what steps to take. Awareness is the first step of healing.

What recovery from CFS boils down to is calming your mind and achieving inner peace. It has certainly been the case for me. I am mostly calm and happy now, whereas I was very fearful and mostly agitated 5 and 10 years ago when I had severe symptoms of CFS. Therefore my advice to you is this: Choose to heal and let go of all distractions between You and…Peace.

If you find it hard to let go of the distractions that do not let you be at peace, I highly recommend a simple but powerful healing technique called TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique). You can learn more and purchase materials about this wonderful technique at the TATLife store I fell in love with TAT three years ago, have been using it since (with great results), and recommend it to anyone who is experiencing any emotional issues (fear, anxiety, panic, depression etc), has an allergy or physical illness that could be related to emotional problems. I am always excited to hear from people who have benefited from TAT.