I have recently been taking part in stimulating online conversations about overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. What other CFS survivors say resonates with me really strongly sometimes. In this post I would like to share some quotes about overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that ring very true to me. The first one comes from Debbie Andrade, an energy coach who works with people who are recovering from CFS:

“This illness is challenging you to heal your wounds and traumas, to find your value, find your strength, find your voice, find your truth, find your purpose and find your true authentic self. It is time to stop dancing around your wounds, unhappiness and poor health and get down to serious work of healing and releasing all your inner pain and everything you are afraid of. It is time to get real, get honest with yourself. Don’t give away your power to this illness, don’t give your power away to doctors that say you can’t be healed. Go within yourself and find your own answers, your own healing. It’s time to take back your power over your health, your happiness and your life!”

-ME/CFS Recovery Coach Debbie Andrade http://www.balancedwellbeing.org/index.html

There is another incredible quote on that page. For me it is the Ultimate Truth about recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

“If Your Illness Could Speak, It Would Say..

You have been living your life in a way that serves neither you, nor your divine purpose. You have put your priorities in all the wrong places. You have put everyone else first before yourself. You dishonor yourself all the time and withhold love from yourself.  You stuff your feelings, worry about the future, hold onto resentments and losses of the past and you will not forgive. Living life this way has caused your soul to become very sick and it has decided that it does not want to live any longer in this manner. This is a signal to change, this is your chance to heal.”

– Author unknown

More great quotes came from Melanie Murray who runs a ME/CFS Recovery Stories page on Facebook. She participated in one of discussions between me and two people who are using the ideas of Reverse Therapy to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. What she had to say in response to questions about how to go about recovery, what needs to be done and how in order to overcome CFS:

“The ultimate goal has to be to do more, but that is a product of continuing a balanced state of being. It seems to me that the most important thing is to maintain balance, not just physically (through pacing, and nutrition etc) but mentally and emotionally too. Start each day and each activity in the right frame of mind (i.e. calm, positive, peaceful). If you notice at any point that your inner state is no longer balanced, then immediately stop the activity and get into the right frame of mind before continuing. You may need to do some breathing exercises, visualization etc, whatever brings you back to a peaceful, contented state. Then, and only then, move on. Gently and steadily do more, always monitoring your inner state and making adjustments as needed. Moving on in this very gradual way doesn’t jar the body and cause stress, and balance is maintained.

I couldn´t agree more. Maintaining a positive state of mind was also central to my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Melanie continues:

“We all know that doing what we love and are passionate about (within our present capabilities) gives us energy whether we’re ill or in good health. This can be as simple as taking the time to admire the beautiful colours in the garden, or writing a letter to a friend. Each time we do something we don’t want to do, we take energy away from ourselves. So, choose your activities wisely and do them because you want to, and never because you feel you should or must to get well. “Shoulds” and “musts” just put us under pressure. Pressure means stress, and stress, as we know, maintains illness. Also take out of your mind the concept of “trying” to increase your activities. Trying implies that you’re finding it hard to achieve your goal and that in itself creates stress. Instead, just harness the power of the present moment and allow it to move you forward naturally.”

-Melanie Murray ME/CFS Recovery Stories on Facebook

I am grateful to have met other people who have overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using very similar approaches. And I am grateful for their sharing. Hopefully we can help others recover from CFS too!