I have tried many methods in the process of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome – diet, exercise, cleansing processes, going to various healers, infra-red sauna, taking actions to overcome symptoms, and various energy healing methods, but there are only a handful I would like to recommend to others. TAT  is one of them.

If you believe mind-body healing, rather than pills, can help you overcome chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia, TAT is one of the best methods to use. You can start by downloading a free booklet and then deepen your knowledge with additional materials available at the TATLife website.

I am going to explain why I think TAT has the potential to cure chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E. or fibromyalgia and how it can do that. As strange as it may sound, my experience is that symptoms are always accompanied by unresolved emotional issues. It is my experience that emotional issues are actually responsible for the symptoms of CFS/M.E. My symptoms were mostly not due to doing too much, over-exerting myself, not getting enough sleep or having something seriously wrong in the body – these are quite common beliefs among those suffering from CFS and similar conditions, but I don´t find them true. Unfortunately, I didn´t realize this during the first 13 years I suffered from the mysterious condition (for all these years I didn´t know that the diagnosis “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” even exists). It only became clear to me when I started to keep a symptom journal at an early stage of recovery, and thereby started to have insights into the mechanisms of CFS/M.E. What I discovered was that even when I tried to do less, I could still have a flare-up of symptoms unexpectedly, and I didn´t start to feel better just because I took time off. The symptoms´ coming and going didn´t seem to have any logic to it. Lacking a better method, I did what most people with CFS seem to do – refrained from overexerting myself. It is a normal, common sense approach, but it didn´t work for me. The symptoms didn´t seem to get worse because I did “too much,” and for a long time I wasn´t sure why they got worse. But when I started to keep a symptom journal, it began to become clear that symptoms were always accompanied by some fear or anxiety or a feeling of helplessness. It was not about doing too much, it was about the emotions. Doing something often brought about emotions, which then caused symptoms, but actions themselves were never the sole cause of fatigue, brain-fog or pain.

So I discovered that there was always fear, anger and/or frustration underneath the symptoms. My symptoms of CFS – such as brain-fog, fatigue, pain, and apathy – have led me to noticing and dealing with underlying emotional problems, and TAT is one of the best methods for that. TAT can help releasing old traumas, fear, anger and pain that accompany symptoms. The main idea of mind-body medicine is that even the most severe health issues, including cancer, tumors, chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia have – if deeply analyzed and seen for what they are – unresolved traumas and unconscious painful memories at their core. By dealing with those (un)conscious sources of dis-ease, physical symptoms no longer have to serve their purpose of signaling to us that there are things we need to look at and deal with in our minds and lives.

The problems that need your attention and demand it by “sending” symptoms like muscle pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, brain-fog, noise and light intolerance, irritability etc might be related to childhood traumas or more recent (physical or emotional) traumas that have left their mark deep in your body and mind. If you have been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E. or fibromyalgia for many years, it is likely that you have been ignoring and repressing those memories for so long that they are hidden deep in the unconscious, so that it seems that these traumas are not there. Even if you don´t believe what I say, I encourage you to probe your body and mind to see why you have the symptoms.

People are different and so are their health issues. I cannot claim that every single person with CFS, M.E. or Fibromyalgia has the exact same cause, so maybe your illness is related to mercury poisoning or a virus, in which case you can find a way deal with those issues. But if you discover emotional issues at the core, rest assured you can deal with them with a really simple, yet effective and pain-free method called Tapas Acupressure Technique.

TAT has a lot of benefits over other methods. One of them is that you do not necessarily have to know where your problems originate from. For example, you may know that you had many experiences of abuse as a child, but you don´t know which ones of them are causing your symptoms. No problem, you can do TAT on “the most significant event (or “factor”) that is causing this symptom or these symptoms.” Unlike methods like gestalt therapy, you DO NOT have to go back to and re-experience the original painful events in order for them to be healed. You don´t even have to remember them in detail. All you need to do is stay in the TAT pose and put your attention on statements like “It happened, it´s over, it´s no longer resulting in this, and I can relax now.” TAT is very often reported to heal any trauma completely, once and for all, in a matter of minutes. This has been my experience too. I have successfully dealt with many issues I never thought I could overcome, at least not in such an easy and fast way. So I can say with confidence that even if you have had a haunting memory for 30 years that is not letting you fall asleep at night, a single TAT session can eliminate it completely so that you can start enjoying good sleep without sleeping pills. Yes, TAT is that powerful. TAT has been successfully used by veterans with intense war traumas (see the video). It may take more sessions in some cases, but compared to traditional psychotherapy, TAT can seem like a miracle cure, because change is fast, effortless and lasting. It is easy to learn and fun to use for yourself when you have stress and/or physical symptoms.

Like other methods, TAT needs some knowledge and experience to work. If you decide to work with a Certified TAT Professional, you are almost guaranteed good results. But if you learn it on your own, it may take more time and effort before you get any results. It would be sad if you tried it once and said “it didn´t work for me” and never used it again. Believe me, it works! After two years of use I am convinced of that.

The reason why it may seem to not work sometimes could be “stoppers” or (un)conscious resistance. These can be negative attitudes or beliefs that are sabotaging your healing. Here are some examples of (un)conscious resistance in people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromylagia or other severe conditions:

-I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 25 years, nothing has helped so far, and therefore nothing will
-Symptoms of CFS are definitely not caused by emotional problems and therefore methods like TAT are useless
-Even doctors say it is impossible to cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there is no way I can regain my health with such a simple method like TAT (or anything else)
-“This issue” is related to my childhood patterns that are impossible to let go of, and therefore it cannot be healed
-I do not deserve good health and happiness (or “I am doomed to suffer this pain forever”)
-It is impossible to forgive “whoever person who did this to me” and I never will
-I cannot change what happened to me in my childhood, so I cannot recover

-I have always been like that and my parents were like that, and therefore it is impossible to change

It could also be something more subtle like:

-Health is an ego-based goal and therefore not noble enough to pursue, or

-I would like to be healthy, but I don´t really want to/am afraid to be healthy because I would have to take responsibility for my life again

…the list could go on and on.

These (and many other) thoughts and attitudes can be unconscious, so you don´t even know they are there. If you suspect there are some stoppers at work, dealing with them first is critical because they can sabotage the whole process and even such a powerful method like TAT may seem not to work. Experienced TAT Professionals can detect resistance in their clients and do something about it. If you do TAT on your own, a really simple and foolproof method to eliminate resistance is doing TAT on “Everything that is blocking the healing of this issue.” In this case, step 1 would be “Everything that is blocking the healing of “name the issue you are dealing with” happened” and step 2 “It happened, it´s over, it is no longer stopping the healing of “name the issue you are dealing with” I am OK and I can relax now.” And then either do the rest of steps or do #1 and #2 for the issue you intend to deal with and then go on with rest of the TAT protocol.

If something else comes up during the session that seems to be in the way of healing, an additional step for dealing with that can be included in the session as well. You don´t necessarily have to know what attitudes or ideas are preventing TAT from working (if you do, it is even better!). Another great method for getting over negative beliefs that can be blocking TAT´s effectiveness is putting your attention (while holding the pose) on a negative belief such as “It is impossible to break this pattern” for a minute or so, and then putting your attention on its opposite (“It is possible to break this pattern”), and then continue with the rest of steps.

TAT has the potential to heal the emotional aspects of physical conditions, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, M.E. or Fibromyalgia. “Emotional aspects of an illness” are your traumas, attitudes towards yourself and your disease (e.g. hating your symptoms), (un)conscious resistance, (un)conscious memories and effects of operations you have gone through, your family´s attitudes towards your illness and its effects,  your own beliefs about health and healing, your self-esteem, various emotions related to the illness, and possibly much more. It is likely that the “emotional aspects” alone (or to a great extent) are  responsible for your condition, so dealing with them can be all that is needed for recovery. Even if dealing with emotional aspects of chronic fatigue syndrome does not eliminate your symptoms of CFS/M.E. completely, you will at least feel better and have a better quality of life.

You can learn to do TAT for traumas by studying the free booklet, which can be found here: Release old traumas
FREE booklet
This free booklet is a good way to start your acquaintance with this wonderful method. You will be able to deal with any trauma by reading this material alone. However, for more in-depth knowledge and skills for using TAT for physical conditions, you need to purchase additional materials from the TATLife store or work with a professional.

Below is a great video that shows how effective TAT can be for chronic conditions. This is a case of a gentlemen who had 30 years of lower back pain, which was significantly reduced during one TAT session with Tapas Feleming. This video can be an inspiration for those with chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E. Fibromyalgia and other conditions.

I have written about TAT in my book (chapter “Applying EFT and TAT to healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”) and given some simple examples for using TAT for CFS symptoms. My book also includes everything else I have learned in the process of recovery. It can be purchased  here.