Emotional roots of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses? I believe that the main cause is that we have lost the connection to our true selves – we are compromising our (emotional) needs and/or have unresolved traumas or difficult situations in which our real needs have not been met. It may not be the case for everyone suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia, but it is definitely something to think about.

My recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome occurred when I learned to pay attention to my symptoms and emotions and started to act on their “messages.” I also used several healing modalities to heal my childhood traumas that were still haunting me.

Apart from having physical symptoms, do you

-have a feeling or belief of not being good enough?
-have trouble getting in touch with your real feelings and following your inner guidance?
-tend to please other people and ignore your needs?

-have had traumas or shocking events in your life that still cause you suffering?

These are some of the things to look at for finding emotional roots of physical symptoms. Even if your symptoms are not caused by emotional stress or traumas, healing stuff that is bothering you emotionally can free up a lot of energy and will make you feel better. There are effective ways to deal with all of the above. The most effective method I have encountered is TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique). I highly recommend this beautiful technique for everyone who feel stuck with a problem, feeling or belief.

Dealing with the emotional aspects of a physical illness (including the belief that “I will never recover from this”) can often be all that is required to get well. It was certainly my experience and many other people have reported similar stories.


My book on ovecoming chronic fatigue syndrome is now available on Amazon

I am happy to announce that my E-book “A Manual for Dealing with CFS/ME: A Mind-Body Healing Approach” is available for sale on Amazon. I hope it will find its way to all the people who need it.

It is totally possible to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my book and this blog are designed for people who are ready to take healing into their own hands.

Best of luck!


A testimonial: someone recovered from CFS by reading this blog!

A couple of days ago I received a fantastic e-mail from a person who had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for more than a decade, but is feeling much better now after implementing the ideas in this blog.

The letter made me very happy and I asked the person for permission to publish it. She granted it, so here it is:

“Hi there, 


I  would like to thank you for writing your blog about overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Your experience with TAT, EFT and your suggestions  how to think brought tremendous change into my life. After few months practicing all these combined with 15 minute meditation  I felt enormous relief when it comes to severe  joint and muscle  pain. After more than a decade I can go to bathroom and brush my teeth like a normal human being without need to put some extra effort to move my hands, not to mention just walking to the bathroom. 


I am a childhood trauma survivor , still facing a  lot of issues waiting to be resolved, but  waking up in the morning without CFS symptoms, is a joy that you probably can understand. Although I must admit that sometimes I can feel fear inside myself, I am worrying that symptoms will come back.


Thank you once again, for  sharing your experience in overcoming this terrible problem. 


Best regards,

Mima C.”

I thanked her for her feedback and asked if she could write more about her experience of recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome. She wrote me back and told me more about her recovery and her story.

“In the past I also tried to solve CFS problem seeking help from psychiatrists. But antidepressants did not help. Zoloft, Xanax, and some other SSRi only sedated me, not solving a single thing. I opened my mind to other solutions. I read a lot of  self-help books, books about Buddhism,  then ones written by Dalai Lama. Your blog was the first place where I found about TAT. At first I thought it was silly. But I said let’s try it, it doesn’t cost anything and I do not have to take any substance. And according to my diary since end of May, there isn’t a single entry about being tired. 

I would like also  to emphasize one thing you wrote ” LOOK, just look inside of yourself! What are you feeling? ”  And your advice to feel the symptoms, not to hide.”

I look forward to hearing more from this person once she is fully recovered from CFS and ready to share her story. Hearing stories like this means so much to me! Thank you!



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E – a message from within

Having been fully recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a few years, I have nearly forgotten what it felt like to have symptoms. I can remember how horrible it was, but I don’t think about it much anymore. All of the brain-fog, fatigue etc seems to be gone for good. But I’m still here to inspire people and to give them guidance for their own recovery from CFS/M.E.

I have said pretty much everything I have to say about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in this blog and my E-book, so there is not much to say at this point, except that if you are struggling with CFS, ME or Fibromyalgia, don’t lose hope. These conditions are a reflection of your inner world that is begging to be heard. Most people will never in their lives have the need nor courage to deal with what’s underneath, hidden in the subconscious mind – childhood traumas, phobias, emotional pain, feelings and emotions. Most people live their whole lives without ever taking a look deeper into themselves. They have no idea what is really happening in their minds. Suppression happens as an attempt to avoid pain. But it all stays in the subconscious and will start looking for a way out. One of the ways suppressed emotions, traumas and situations surface, is physical symptoms.

I really believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a message from deep within ourselves to pay attention to what is happening. It is also a wake-up call that alerts us about the need to pay attention – to our true feelings, our ideas about life and how we live it. Don’t be afraid to look deeper. All you have to lose are … your symptoms.

An update

I apologize to everyone who has tried to purchase my E-book during the past weeks. The website fatiguesyndrome.eu has been down for a few weeks. I am trying to get the problem fixed and hopefully it will be running again tomorrow.

I am not actively writing articles at the moment, but I’m still available for consultations. Feel free to write me with any questions regarding healing and recovery. Also, I am also offering a TAT healing sessions through Skype. Contact me if interested.

I wish all of you a full healing from CFS, M.E. or Fibromyalgia!

Loosening the Tenacious grip of CFS with Awareness

A few days ago I received another e-mail from a guy who read my book and is on his way to recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The symptoms seem to have changed somewhat after he started to pay more attention to his bodily sensations (something I recommended to do in my previous e-mail). Awareness is the main tool for loosening the grip of CFS because it will eventually shed light on the mechanisms of this illness. Ideally, you will gain insights into the pattern of your symptoms, what kind of emotional states are causing flare-ups, and what are the underlying messages the bodymind is trying to communicate to you through symptoms. Things may seem to get worse when you start feeling your symptoms more fully. This seems to be the case in this case as well:

“I’ve been continuing with the “feeling into it stuff.” For the last 3 or 4 days I’m getting nothing.  I just feel numb and flat and I don’t seem to be getting anything out of feeling into it. The heavy sensations haven’t been there this week, yet I’m still quite ill.
It’s hard to explain. At first I would feel into the body and there were plenty of heavy sensations to feel into. Now there is not that heaviness, but more of a numbness. I think i would rather the heaviness. Has this happened to you?”

Here’s my reply:

Numbness certainly sounds familiar to me.

The point is not to just feel into your stuff, but also try to “understand” why your symptoms are there. There must be a reason for them so you want to uncover their causes, their underlying messages. While you are feeling into stuff, your symptoms and body sensations can take many forms. The symptoms of CFS can be very annoying and extremely unpleasant, but you have to find a way to co-operate with them. I really don’t know how you are feeling exactly, but I can tell you what I would do if I were you.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Do TAT on the whole thing. 1# “Everything that led up to this numbness happened” 2# “it happened, it’s over, it’s no longer causing this numbness, I’m OK and I can relax now.” and then rest of steps. You could also target it in a different way (or use both pairs or several pairs of statements in a single session). For example 1# “I don’t know/understand/want to know why I have those symptoms” 2# “I am totally open to receiving, understanding and absorbing all of the underlying messages behind the symptoms.” You can do the setup statements as many times as you like (1#, 2#, then again 1# and 2# with a different wording etc) and then go on with the rest of steps. If you feel discomfort or fear related to “opening up” your symptoms, you could do TAT or EFT on that, too. A TAT session in this case could begin with setup statements like these: 1# “Everything that led me up to resonating, identifying and connecting with this fear/resistance to feeling/understanding/seeing (choose your own words) all of the underlying messages happened.” 2# “It all happened, it’s over, I no longer resonate, identify or connect with any of those fears/obstacles and I am totally open to receiving, listening, and understanding what my body is trying to communicate with the symptoms… I’m OK and I can relax now”

Long statements, I know. Change the wording according to your case. You can also use EFT for this purpose. There are some sample statements for EFT in my book.

2. Pray for understanding the condition or for gaining strength to overcome it – “I am ready to learn what I must learn” rather than “lord, please take this away from me.”

3. Don’t have too many expectations for outcomes of doing your healing. Your main purpose should be observation and “listening” to your symptoms, and trying to act in accordance to what they seem to be “saying.” The outcomes will come when you’ve understood and acted upon the messages.

4. You can also use TAT in a different, a more indirect way. You can target the problem with the following statements: 1# “The biggest event/factor that led to those symptoms happened.” 2# “It happened, it’s over, it’s no longer causing those symptoms, I’m OK and I can relax now.” The good thing about TAT is that you don’t have to know what those events or factors are – just do the sessions. You can also do “second most important event/factor” and “third most important event or cause” in the same session. Also, you can do TAT or EFT on your life’s biggest traumas. Write them down and start clearing your stuff even if there seems to be no clear connection to your symptoms. Lightening your burden is always a good idea and it may facilitate recovery.

5. If you find yourself lost, contact a professional TAT  practitioner. The list can be found on the tatlife.com website. I can also offer sessions via Skype.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using mind-body healing techniques is not an easy path, but it’s the only one I know. You will likely encounter an enormous amount of unpleasant feelings, so it’s good to have tools to deal with them. My preference is TAT and I have written about it a lot in this blog.

Have a pleasant journey back to health!


How your pain will become your cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E.

One day your heart will take you to your lover.
One day your soul will carry you to the Beloved.
Don’t get lost in your pain –
Know that one day your pain will become your cure.

-Rumi  ♥

There is startling truth in this Rumi’s poem. This is exactly my experience of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome. There was a lot of pain, an immense amount of suffering underneath the symptoms of CFS. Our natural reaction to pain is to shun it, ignore it or suppress it. That’s what I tried to do too for about 13 years. But it never worked. No matter how hard I tried to ignore and suppress my feelings and emotions, they still kept making themselves known in a major way in my daily life. It was not until I started to pay attention to how I feel that healing started to happen.

The truth is that the day your pain will become your cure can be here and now. The trick is the acceptance of symptoms – a truthful and humble acknowledgement about your present state of health (and mind).

Once you are open and willing to see what exactly is going on with you, your pain will become your cure. 

I really have not much more to say than this simple truth. I’m only finding new ways of saying it.

Surely, feeling the horrible symptoms is the last thing a person who’s suffering from CFS wants to do. “Looking into my symptoms, feeling them fully? No, that you!! I’d rather take my painkillers and wait until the pain subsides!” might be a common internal dialogue in people with chronic fatigue syndrome. It is understandable, but not effective. How will you ever expect to regain your health if you keep taking pills and ignoring what’s really happening? This is a strategy of escape, of hiding your head in the sand. I guess my role is to disappoint  you and say it will never work.

One day your pain will become your cure…

LOOK, just look inside of yourself! What are you feeling? What kind of thoughts are running through your mind? What kind of sensations do you feel in your body? Do you remember the time you first started to experience symptoms? Your first brain fog, fatigue, excessive need for sleep… when was that and what was happening in your life at the time or prior to that? Those are the questions to ask. Keep looking, observing, feeling. Then your pain will become your cure. It will guide you right into the middle of your pain where the truth about your illness is stored. Be ready to go there and see. The answer is within. Don’t look at doctors and professionals, look inside! The answer has been waiting for you right there all along. You just haven’t paid attention. Instead, your attention has been diverted by medication, TV, entertainment, socializing, etc. Eventually you must turn your eyes inward to get the answers you need. And then your pain will become your cure.

I am aware that the above may sound like an accusation. It is not intended and I apologize if I hurt you. Also, it may sound easy to do. I’m afraid I’m gonna have to disappoint to you again and say it’s not gonna be easy. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done. Unless you can easily put up with intense suffering for months on end, of course.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a really difficult condition to overcome, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it is possible to overcome CFS for good! If you just let your pain become your cure…